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How Are You?

How’s your mental health? Are you aware of the mental health crisis in Africa? Are you suffering from any mental illness? Do you know anyone suffering from any mental illness? Do you often contemplate suicide?. Please send us a message via this link. We at HAY Foundation would like to hear from you.

You Are Enough

Mental health problems appear to be increasing outrageously in Africa. We at HAY Foundation aim to suppress this drastic increase and aid young people suffering from all forms of mental illness.

Who We Are

Hay Foundation Africa is a registered mental health organization based in Ghana and Nigeria. We are dedicated to spreading awareness of mental health issues in Africa as well as building and improving the lives of young people suffering from mental health illnesses. We offer mental health support, advocacy, and training. What we offer complements, but does not replace, clinical advice from psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.

Volunteer with us

We are touching lives but with you, we can make a bigger impact in our society.
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We are open to collaborating and partnering with organizations with similar interests