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HAY Teens

Hay Teens is an educational tour across schools in Ghana. This is targeted towards primary and junior high school students. It involves educational talks on mental health to increase mental health awareness among the students.

HAY Youth

Hay Youth is an initiative to increase mental health awareness among university students. It involves holding events and seminars on campuses across Ghana to engage the youth on mental health.

How Are You Club

This is a monthly support group event that is open to all individuals. It provides a safe space for everyone to discuss their mental health challenges. We currently have this once every month and everyone is welcome to join!

Mental Health At Work

This initiative seeks to bring the mental health conversation to the workplace. It is a monthly talk about all things mental health across various organizations in the country.

Social Media

How Are You?

As part of our awareness activities, we had an online campaign dubbed “How Are You?”. This was to highlight the importance of speaking up about mental health challenges.

You Are Enough!

Another one of our online campaigns is the “I Am Enough” Campaign. This initiative seeks to encourage individuals to accept themselves as they are.